Mayenne: the Car Falls into River

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Car falls into the river Mayenne this Sunday

Sunday morning, a terrible thing happened to a young man from St. Baudelle. Parked at the dockside, Quai de la République, his car fell into the river.

Terrible surprise for this young man from St. Baudelle, who has only just moved to the area, when on a visit to the quayside, in the town of Mayenne, his car ended up in the river.  This Sunday morning at around 8.30 am, while he was doing some exercise with his two dogs, the driver in his thirties, found his car which was parked on the quayside, had somehow managed to end up in the river Mayenne.

According to the unfortunate owner, the brakes of his Mazda SUV have broke loose.  The vehicle at first floated for a moment, then sank to the bottom of the river. It took the intervention of fire fighters, specialized in underwater diving, to locate and attach a line to the car. The extraction carried out by a specialized towing vehicle has been complicated due to the angle of the quayside.

The whole operation lasted nearly two hours under the eye of onlookers who appeared to be speechless. The Mazda, badly damaged, was back on dry land at 11.15am.

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