Laval – 200 Caught Speeding

Local News
200 motorists have been caught speeding in and around the area of Laval

To celebrate the first weekend in April, the gendarmes of the Mayenne implemented many checks on the various junctions of the district of Laval.

The gendarmes of the Mayenne department have implemented many road checks on the various junctions of the district of Laval, during the first weekend in April. The twenty soldiers on the ground found the following offences: two hundred motorists travelling at excess speed; eleven offences for driving under the influence of alcohol; ten offences for driving under the influence of narcotics.
The gendarmes also noted another twenty-two offences, such as lack of seat belt use, the use of mobile devices … Several drivers or passengers, when searched, were found to have possession of illegal drugs in the vehicle, and will be prosecuted for possession and use of narcotics. “This type of operation will be extended on more weekends, the next on the occasion of the new holiday departures” ,  warns the captain Pascal Vidrequin, departmental squadron commander for the road safety of Mayenne.

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