Labour Law: Fourth Night Occupying Republic Square, Paris

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Protestors occupied the Republic Square in Paris for the fourth consecutive night

A demonstrator at the collective #Nuit debout broadcast live images on periscope, followed by up to 80,000 people …

Since Friday, the day of mobilization against the Labour Law, hundreds of people of the movement “#Nuit debout ” occupy the Place de la Republique in Paris , with the intention to still be there the next day.  For the fourth consecutive night, they gathered once again on Sunday evening.

A licensed occupation

“We are 2000! “Announced a volunteer at the microphone in front of the crowd, some protesters sat cross-legged on the cobblestones of the square in the centre of the capital.

The collective Nuit debout, associated with DAL (Right to Housing), have obtained permission to occupy Republic Square until the 4th April, we learned from police sources.

One night followed very Periscope

In the night from Sunday to Monday, a protester broadcast images of their sit-in for more than four hours and live on the app Periscope, with a peak audience in excess of 80 000 people.

Remy Buisine, took the initiative, using #NuitDebout symbols.







“Not the Bears, optimists”

“Life Salary”, “democracy by lot”, “lower high income”, “employment of all unemployed,” “global destruction of the capitalist system”, the claims are diverse and the participants succeeded megaphone during the general meeting which lasted over two hours.
“Are utopians among us? “Interviewed one of them. And reinventing public applause, waving hands in the air in response.
“We’re not Care Bears, one is optimistic, the world we dream of, it’s there,” enthused a young woman.



They demand the government’s resignation

Some dreamed of “rewriting the constitution” and called for “the resignation of the government.”

This spontaneous movement emerged in the wake of rallies called by trade unions, students and high school students demanding the withdrawal of the bill on labor.

But the movement also aggregates, under the hashtag #NuitDebout on social networks, other political or social demands. And many participants see it as the beginning of a phenomenon as informal “movement Occupy ” born in different countries, or like the indignados from Puerta del Sol, appeared in 2011 in Madrid to denounce austerity and corruption.

Every morning since Friday, dozens of demonstrators were evicted by police before returning to occupy the place.

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