New region: “Grand Est” is chosen for Alsace-Lorraine-Champagne-Ardenne

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The name of the new region has been decided as 'Grand Est'

After three weeks of voting, the result was unveiled Monday …

That’s it. After several weeks of reflection and citizen consultation, along with some twists , the name of a favourite with locals Alsace-Lorraine-Champagne-Ardenne is … “Great East”. This name has collected 75% of the 289,000 votes.

Added at the last minute

Depending on the place of this participatory approach, introduction by the president of Philippe Richert region and the regional executive, three proposals were to be put to the vote at the end of work conducted by a committee of “experts.”
But then who had been arrested the names “New Austrasia”, “Acalie” and “Rhine-Champagne,” the citizen discontent has arisen, claiming the name “Great East”.

Under pressure, the regional government had finally decided to integrate the proposals before the opening of the votes and has collected three-quarters of the votes. Then follow New Austrasie (10.4%), Rhine-Champagne (9.8%) and Acalie (4.8%).
“Great East” will now be submitted to the vote of the Regional Assembly in plenary on 29 April.

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