Euro 2016: Fan Zone of 10 000 Places near Stade de France

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There will be a fan zone for up to 10,000 people close to the Stade de France for the Euro 2016 championships

Saint-Denis will host a fan zone for around 10,000 people, this will be close to the Stade de France, for the occasion of Euro 2016.

A “fan zone” for up to 10 000 people will be installed during Euro 2016 in the parc de l’internat pour jeunes filles de la Légion d’honneur, near the Stade de France, said the town hall.  Saint-Denis like the nine host cities of the European Football championship in France (June 10th – July 10th), the town of the Stade de France – where will play seven matches including the opening match and final – sets up a “fan zone”, an area intended to accommodate fans in a festive atmosphere: match broadcast on a giant screen, concerts, entertainment … Saint-Denis, near Paris, had planned to implement this area in the city centre opposite the Basilica where are buried the kings of France, but the increased security measures following the November attacks necessary to find an enclosed area.

There will be 10,000 people Capacity, with the choice after long discussions, being on the public part of the park of the Maison d’éducation of the  Légion d’honneur, just under the windows of the prestigious boarding school for girls, behind the basilica. To address the concerns of the institution, the municipality says in a statement that “the opening of the fan zone program will be developed” in order to limit disruptions “in this exam period of the  baccalaureate” . According to the municipality, the site will accommodate up to 10,000 people and will be “protected by many security officers (up to 100 depending on the games and attendance)” and “a CCTV device” .

The municipality notes that the fan zones will be open daily from June 10th until the final has been played on July 10th. The issue of the safety of fan-zones become hot since the attacks of 13 November (130 deaths in Paris and around the Stade de France during the friendly match France-Germany).

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