#NuitDebout: 22 arrests after Violence in Paris

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22 arrests in Paris at the #NuitDebout after clashes between protestors and police

Police pushed the rioters out of Republic Square …

Twenty-two people were arrested in the night from Friday to Saturday on the sidelines of the “#NuitDebout” after the violence against the police and damage committed in the northeast of Paris, announced the police headquarters . Some demonstrators were overcome by tear gas, while four policemen and gendarmes were injured slightly.

While 3,000 people attended the event in the evening instead of the Republic, “a hundred individuals determined” they have collected from 1:30 to trash cans and other panels yards then burned pallets and trash before throwing ” repeatedly “projectiles (bottles, cans, paving) on the security forces, says the police department in a statement.

Two bank offices vandalized

They responded with tear gas and then pushed out of the Republic Square “the thugs group”, which is dispersed in the Buttes Chaumont area in the north-east of the capital, committing “a number of downgrades.” Two bank branches and a site has been vandalized in particular in its path.

Twenty-two people in total were arrested for “missile throwing, violence against persons vested with public authority, concealment of theft,” said the prefecture. The prefect of police, stressing “the great master of the police and gendarmes” intervening against these “thugs”, called on the organizers of Nuit Debout to “enforce schedules and terms of gathering statements filed prefecture” in the statement.

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