Notre-Dame-des-Landes: 58% of inhabitants of Loire-Atlantique want Airport

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The latest polls show that more are in favour of the Airport project in the Loire-Atlantique

According to an Ifop poll for Europe 1 and iTV, a majority of people in Loire-Atlantique would support the construction of the airport …

This is the first real poll since the announcement by Hollande to organize a local référendum on the issue of the airport of Notre-Dame-des-Landes.  And the result should rather reassure the supporters of the project.

According to the survey conducted by IFOP for I-Tele and Europe 1 , 58% of people in Loire-Atlantique are in favour of the airport building.

Why they are for

In detail, 30% of 545 people surveyed (representative panel using the quota method) say they are “quite favourable” to the project and 28% “fairly good.” These pro-airport argue for 56% of them that the project “will improve the economy in Loire-Atlantique and help create jobs” and for 22% of them, it “will reduce noise levels currently experienced by the people of Nantes overflown by aircraft.”

Why they are against

Conversely, opponents questioned the airport are the “unnecessary” (59%) and deem it “will have negative consequences on the environment” (19%). Evidence that ecological issues are not considered a priority by respondents, highlights Europe 1 .

What scope for the referendum?

The result of this survey raise again the debate on the ideal geographical area for the referendum.  For if the Loire-Atlantique inhabitants are obviously the most concerned, the neighbouring departments also claim the right to be consulted on the grounds that the project will also impact on their territory.  And it seems difficult to predict what the outcome of a consultation on a broader scope.

The President of the Loire-Atlantique County Council, Philippe Grosvalet, and President of Nantes metropolis, Johanna Rolland, advocate, themselves, only a limited consultation Loire-Atlantique department.

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