labour law: 16 Arrests after Clashes in Nantes

Local News
There were 16 arrests in Nantes, during clashes between Protestors and the Police

A final assessment reported 16 arrests following the clashes that followed the protest against the proposed new Labour Law earlier today in Nantes.

Sixteen people were arrested and placed in custody in Nantes for throwing projectiles at police or participation in an armed crowd with faces hidden after the protests earlier today by Unions, workers and students, against the El Khomri Act, the proposed Labour law which will change workers rights in France.

The prefecture said that four officials were injured during the protest and had to leave their service.  As regard to any protestors injured during the clashes, that got quite heated at times,  “we have not taken care of reported injured at this time” , says Laurent Buchaillat, Chief of Staff of the prefect of Loire-Atlantique.


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