“X Files”: M6 will broadcast new episodes from February 25

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X Files is to return on the 25th February to the French Broadcaster M6

Ten cults episodes of the X Files chosen by Chris Carter, will be broadcast on the sixth channel just after the first two episodes of the new season …

The X Files will return on Thursday, 25th February on the channel M6. The first two of the six episodes of the new season event will be broadcast in prime time.

Fans will be thrilled: Ten remastered episodes, selected by Chris Carter, the creator of the cult series, will be scheduled between 10.40pm and 6am.

Ten episodes of anthology

The opportunity to review the first three episodes of the first season (we are notalone, Deep Throat and Compressions) and Arctic Project (Season 1, Episode 8)The Messenger (s. 01, ep 13) The Hybrid (s. 01, ep. 24), The Host (s. 02,ep. 02),Duane Barry, part (s. 02, ep. 05), False Siamese twins (s. 02, ep. 20) Psychics proxy(s. 03, ep. 04).

On January 24, the first episode of the tenth season was watched by an unprecedented 16 million viewers on Fox in the US.

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