Euro 2020: M6 and TF1 will broadcast the 23 best matches

Euro 2020: M6 and TF1 will Broadcast the 23 Best Matches

The two channels will share, in clear, the 23 best games of the Euro 2020 competition including 12 group matches, as well as all the games of France. The M6 ​​and TF1 groups announced Wednesday 27th November 2019 have acquired from UEFA the rights to broadcast in France the Euro 2020 football, whose matches will be played from […]

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For the first time, 25 years after its release to the cinema, The Lion King will be broadcast free on French television Monday, July 15.

The Lion King on M6, Monday 15th July: A First in Clear on Television

The remake of the animated Disney studios will be released at the cinema on Wednesday 17th July 2019. M6 takes the opportunity to broadcast the original film this Monday night. Lovers of the Lion King have waited 25 years. 25 years to see in the clear and free the adventures of Simba, Timon and Pumbaa on French television. See you on M6 this Monday 15th […]

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French channels want to counter Netflix giant

France TV, TF1 and M6 Unite to Create a French Netflix

To counter Netflix, French channels have formed a new alliance and will create a common online video platform, called Salto, less than 5 euros per month. France Télévisions, TF1 and M6 counter-attacked Friday against the US giants Netflix and Amazon, announcing an unprecedented alliance in online video with the creation of a common platform, called Salto. Les Groupes France Télévisions, M6 […]

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Camille Delcroix, from the North, won the Top Chef final on M6.

Top Chef: Camille Delcroix from the Nord, Wins the Final!

Camille Delcroix, from the Nord region of France, has won the Top Chef final on M6. He beat Victor. This time it’s over! Camille Delcroix , from the North , won the finale of the Top Chef cooking show on M6 . His menu had not convinced the jury of the four chefs who had given more points to Victor, his competitor. Great favourite But, clever, Camille […]

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Objectif Top Chef is returning for a third season in October

“Objective Top Chef” Season 3 arrives on October 17

“Objective Top Chef” will return for a third season on M6 as of 17 October. Philippe Etchebest goes off in search of the best apprentice chef in France to designate who will win his place for the next season of “Top Chef,” which will air current, 2017. Accompanied by chef Philippe Etchebest, M6 will leave […]

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X Files is to return on the 25th February to the French Broadcaster M6

“X Files”: M6 will broadcast new episodes from February 25

Ten cults episodes of the X Files chosen by Chris Carter, will be broadcast on the sixth channel just after the first two episodes of the new season … The X Files will return on Thursday, 25th February on the channel M6. The first two of the six episodes of the new season event will be […]

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Francoise, from Chateaubriant is in the final of Incroyable talent.

Incredible talent on M6: Françoise, singer from Chateaubriant, qualified for the final

The opera singer, 56 years old, orginally from Chateaubriant, once again impress the jury on Tuesday night … She is one of ten candidates selected for the grand finale of the show La France a un incroyable talent on M6. Last night, Tuesday evening, Françoise, 56, a pharmacist originally from Chateaubriant, in the Loire Atlantique region, […]

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French Broadcasters cancel plans for a rival Netflix service

French Broadcasters Abandon Netflix Rival Service

French Broadcasters cancel plans for a rival to Netflix Broadcasters in France have decided to cancel plans to join forces and launch a French rival to Netflix. Channels TF1, M6 and France Télévisions were all in talks with the phone operator Orange, about the creation of a new video-on-demand service that was hoped would rival […]

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Pedro Peña, Antonio in Un, Dos, Tres has died

Pedro Peña, Antonio of “Un, Dos, Tres” is Dead

SERIES TV: Pedro Peña was the concierge, Antonia of the dance school in the Spanish series … He was one of the most endearing and appreciated characters of the Spanish series Un, dos, tres broadcast on M6 in 2004. Pedro Peña, who played Antonio, the concierge of the dance school, died Thursday at the age of 88 years […]

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