The Sun Almost Everywhere Except in the West

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The weather fprecast this Tuesday is for the Sun to be almost everywhere in France

WEATHER: The weather this Tuesday will be sunny in most of the country while in the West, the sky is grey …

On Tuesday there will be sunny weather over much of the country while in the West, the sky is grey, according to Météo-France.  At daybreak, the gloom will spread throughout the southwest to Limousin, the western slopes of the Massif Central and the inside of Roussillon. It will progressively slower on parts of the Southwest.

A few drops will even be possible between the Toulouse region and the Montagne Noire (Massif Central). Sheets of low clouds will drag more fragmented across the regions of Brittany and Loire Valley, north of the Seine.

Very sunny East

But in general, the afternoon will continue under a beautiful sun. Only areas near the Channel, including northern Brittany and the coastal departments of Normandy, will temporarily retain a cloudy sky.

The East and the Mediterranean region will benefit from the morning of a sunny day. Small cumulus clouds appear in the afternoon in the mountains and the Northeast. They lead to isolated showers in the hills of the Massif Central, the Morvan, the Jura and the Vosges.

The risk of showers will be marked on the relief of the Pyrenees and the southern Alps. The north and the mistral will blow moderately in their fields: maximum gusts of 60 km / h

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