A Rafale fighter jet during an air show at the Hindon Air Force Station on the outskirts of New Delhi, India, Oct. 8, 2020.

Greece Approves Purchase of 18 French-Made Rafale Fighter Planes Amid Tensions with Turkey

ECONOMY: Greece has approved the purchase of 18 French-made Rafale Aircraft costing over 2 billion euros Greek lawmakers in a vote on Thursday approved a defence procurement program to purchase 18 French-made Rafale fighter planes, part of an armaments plan announced by the government in September. Greece has earmarked 11.5 billion euros ($14 billion) for […]

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Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s criticism of President Macron had angered France that decided to reject Islamabad’s requests for upgrades of fighter jets, air defence system and submarines

France Turns the Screws on Imran Khan, Declines Upgrade for Mirage, Subs and More

Foreign secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla was told about the French government’s decisions vis-a-vis Pakistan when he visited Paris on October 29th. France has decided against helping Pakistan upgrade its fleet of Mirage fighter jets, air defence system and Agosta 90B class submarines, a direct fallout of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s loud criticism of French President Emmanuel Macron’s […]

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The armies budget is to increase by 1.6 billion euros in 2018

Defence: The Armies Budget will Increase by 1.6 Billion Euros in 2018

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced an increase in the defence budget “unprecedented over the past decade.” It will increase to more than 1.6 billion euros in 2018. “We will next year increase in the budget that I will present the budget of the Armies of more than 1.6 billion euros. This effort will continue in 2019 and […]

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French fighter planes intercepted two Russian Bombers off the Brittany Coast

Two Russian bombers intercepted off the coast of Brittany

DEFENSE:  Westerners speak of a provocation on the part of the Russian army flying close to the Brittany coast … “Provocation” by the West. Two heavy Russian bombers Tupolev 160 were intercepted by French fighter planes on September 22 off the coast of Brittany, said the Air Force on Tuesday, confirming a report in the Telegram. […]

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Eight Rafale warplanes left Charles de Gaulle to conduct operations against the Islamic State Friday morning

Eight Rafale took off from Charles de Gaulle to hit Daech in Iraq

Combat aircraft took off Friday of the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle for operations against the Islamic State group These actions are carried out for the battle to retake Mosul, a stronghold of the jihadists in Iraq, said an officer on board. Eight Rafale fighter aircraft left at 8am local time (05: 00 GMT) from the ship […]

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The President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker to say on Wednesday its annual speech on the state of the Union.

Juncker: EU’s existence is “not threatened” by the Brexit

The existence of the European Union is “not threatened” by the British decision to leave, said on Wednesday by the president of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, in his annual keynote speech on the State of the Union . “We respect the decision of the British, but the EU is not threatened in its existence by […]

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Francois Hollande announces a further 800 jobs in Defence and the cancellation of the 10,000 job losses

Defence: François Hollande will Create 800 jobs and Cancel 10,000 losses

Following the attacks of Paris, the president promised that there would be no reduction of staff in the defence until 2019 … and the risk of attacks has forced the government to review the deployment of staff for defense and homeland security . Operational units and cyber defense “During this advice, the President of the […]

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French Air strikes in Syria have destroyed a training camp of Islamic state

French Air Strikes Destroy a Daech Training Camp in Syria

Air strikes have destroyed a “training camp” of the Islamic State group according to the French Ministry of Defence. This raid, organized in conjunction with aircraft of the coalition led by Washington on Monday, was conducted “at sixty kilometres north-east of Aleppo in Manbij region,” said a statement from the French Ministry of Defence. We […]

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In Saint-Nazaire, 180 Egyptians will awaken the sleepy Mistral

Mistral: 180 Egyptian Sailors are Expected Soon in Saint-Nazaire

Controlled by Russia, the two Mistral ships built in Saint-Nazaire were eventually purchased by Egypt. 180 Egyptian sailors are expected within a month. Both Mistral ships, occupying the port of Saint-Nazaire for a year will soon find new occupants, after the original sale to Russia was cancelled. The new owner, namely the Egyptian Navy will send a first crew […]

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The Airbus A400 has just completed vital tests

The A400M Successfully Passes its Tests for Takeoff and Landing on Grass

The tests took place at the aerodrome of Ecury-sur-Coole for three weeks in September … The A400M military transport aircraft has passed its certification tests for take-offs and landings on grass runways, announced Tuesday Airbus Defence and Space. The group states that it “successfully completed certification testing of the A400M military transport aircraft of new generation on a […]

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