The Winter Sales Start in Uncertainty and Without the Old Euphoria

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The winter sales officially start today in France

CONSUMPTION: The official start of bargain hunting at the Winter Sales starts at 8 o’clock in the Parisian department stores …

Starting signal for the winter sales in France. They start on Wednesday for six weeks amid uncertainty after a lackluster season for retailers facing consumers now accustomed to promotions throughout the year. The official kickoff of the bargain hunting is given at 8 o’clock in the Parisian department stores by the Secretary of State for Trade, Martine Pinville.

Less enthusiasm

That first day, especially before expected, no longer arouses the same enthusiasm. “It remains an important moment. But there is no more the sense of urgency like before. People do not necessarily take a day off, there is less of a grand opening “, recognizes Agnes Vigneron, Director of Galeries Lafayette.

In question, the deterioration of purchasing power, forcing the French to make tradeoffs in their consumption but also the entrenched habit of purchases on promotion throughout the year. Thus in 2015, nearly one purchase of clothing out of two is actually reduced, promotions (+7.3 points) taking precedence over traditional sales (-6.4 points), according to the French Federation of the loan -to-wear (FFPAPF).

This year, many promotions, already up to 50%, have appeared in large stores the day after Christmas. “The phenomenon of private sales is definitely widespread (…) creating considerable uncertainty” about the power of attraction of the traditional winter sales, notes Yves Marin, expert use among Wavestone. In fact, polls show that less French will participate in this years winter sales.

Although 70 to 80% of the French will still participate, the decline is nevertheless three points from last year, according Toluna / LSA. budget side, trends are uncertain: 50% of those questioned will say they do not know precisely what they will spend, according to Ifop. But for most, the winter sales will be placed under the sign of reasonable purchases: between 52% (Yugov / Mareduc) and 71% (Ifop / Spartoo) the French will take the opportunity to make “shopping needs,” renouncing purchases of “favorites.”

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