France: Twin Sisters Celebrate their 208 years

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Twins celebrate 104 years, a possible world record

Aged 104 years, they might well be the oldest twins in the world …

Long hair with ponytails and fine golden glasses on, Paulette and Simone lend themselves to photos: “It makes us have fun! We are very spoiled, “they say in chorus, pointing to the flowers offered for their 104 years by the municipality and residents of their nursing home in central France.

Perhaps a world record

Paulette Olivier and Simone Thiot were born January 30, 1912 at 11 am in Limeray  the children of Joseph Lamolie, a carpenter, and his wife Mary, a seamstress. Official confirmation is difficult to prove, but the oldest twins in France probably falls to them … Some even claim they hold the world record.

Their early life nevertheless augured poorly for their longevity: “We were premature.  Expected in March we were born in January.  We were given little chance of survival.  I did not even weigh a kilo and my sister just three pounds.  We stayed in hospital for four months,” smiles Simone, which is still able to move around without the aid of a walker.

Paulette, widowed at 36, had been a hairdresser for 15 years in Tizi Ouzou in Algeria and Paris. Simone, a seamstress like their mother, lost her husband when she was 64 years old. They have no children.

The secret of longevity

The sisters, whose only brother died accidentally at 99 years old, are convinced that their closeness is always the source of their longevity.  “We are still alive because we have always been close. We keep our independence because we each have our own room, but there is the corridor to cross to see and talk. We pity the elderly who are alone and do not have visits “, they comment.

Paulette and Simone interested in the news, read, watch TV and enjoy the music … Simone also writes poems regularly in a notebook.

Other secrets? Again, they answer in unison, “A simple life. No excess. No alcohol.  And a lot of sport.  We have been a long time in the gym and a lot of cycling.  Almost daily. “

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