Batz-sur-Mer: A Man hit by a Wave

Local News
Man missing after being hit by a wave at Batz-sur-Mer

A fisherman walking was hit by a wave at the Dilane Batz-sur-Mer. Searches were called off around 6pm because of the night and a very heavy swell.

On Thursday, December 31, 2015, a group of fishermen on foot went about his leisure on the rocks of Dilane Batz-sur-Mer. Alas, perhaps a wave slightly stronger than the others, would have caught one of walkers

A 40 year old from Chateau-Gontier in the Mayenne department, then disappeared. It was approximately 1pm when the call for help was launched by witnesses.

Substantial resources on site

A search and rescue was immediately organized by the police, local fire, lifeboat and a helicopter from the Pornichet gendarmerie based in Montoir-de-Bretagne was dispatched to the scene. During the operation, a policeman wounded knee

The research took place throughout the afternoon until nightfall at 6pm, when the search was called off.  This part of the coast is extremely difficult for the rescuers to access due to the very jagged and dangerous rock formations.  It is also called the Wild Coast.

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