Risks of attacks: As Christmas Approaches, Churches Safety Strengthened

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Risks of Attacks on Churches over Christmas

TERRORISM: Bernard Cazeneuve fears that jihadists are targeting the Christmas Masses …

Could the church be the new target of the terrorists? The government dreads,reveals Europe 1 this Friday. “The interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, sent on Wednesday a three-page telegram to prefects and the police chiefs and gendarmerie,” said the station, which had access to the document.

“Unusual behavior”

This highlights the “extraordinary symbolic force” that would be an attack during the Christmas Masses and “recommends to contact the heads of parishes to promote the program offices, and raise awareness of what might constitute unusual behavior, reminiscent of trails, such as cars parked near the churches, “continues Europe 1.

Bernard Cazeneuve goes further by requiring that the excavations can be carried out at the entrance of churches, especially in the evening and during the 24 offices of 25 December. France, still scarred by the bloody attacks of November 23, pays special attention to its schools, potential targets Daesh but does not neglect its places of worship, while an

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