Nantes: The Christmas Market starts in a Somewhat Anguished Atmosphere

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The Nantes Christmas market opened this weekend
The Nantes Christmas market opened this weekend
The Christmas market in Nantes is now underway . – F.Brenon

Overshadowed last year by a dramatic accident, the Christmas market shall, in addition, deal with the Paris bombings and security measures …

They have arrived.  Since Friday, the 120 brand new small red and white chalets in Place Royale and Commerce, opened their doors for the traditional Christmas market.  The whole weekend, the figurines, toys, cosmetics, sausages or snails have already enjoyed a small success, with mulled wine this year being  a rather special taste.

“We can not help thinking about the Parisians attacks and feel a bit of anxiety, says Mickaël behind his jewellery stand.  And even here, where we had our own drama. Can not forget those images. ”

Enhanced Security

Last December 22, a white van had crashed into the crowd massed Place Royale.  A dozen people were injured and a young man of 25 had died.

If there was no question of cancellation, the Christmas market has strengthened its safety and security. In addition to patrols of police and military, private security staff mingled with onlookers all weekend.

“No way to deny this magical atmosphere”

The lighting of the market has been increased and is more brighter for greater vigilance. “The access to traffic in both places that welcome the market were restricted, adds Thibault Delourme, the company in charge of the event, 2A Organization. Large planters were installed. “

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