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Braderie à Nantes – Books for a Small Price

Large Annual Book sale in Nantes
The booksellers meet on Tuesday from 11 am at Place de la Bourse| Archive Ouest-France

The association Mardi du Livre, offers its major annual rummage sale. Used books by the hundreds and a very low price, all day long.

There will be a lot of business tomorrow at the annual book sale at the braderie á Nantes.  Snagging yourself a bargain shouldn’t be too difficult as book sellers are not just from the nantes area, but come from all over France to sell to the public tomorrow.

Walkers, students, tourists and regulars can stop, flick and peruse the works of all kinds, ranging from the comic to the old book, from € 1, or in bulk for around € 15 for ten books.

The weather forecast at the moment looks like it is going to be nice and dry and warm, so it should be very busy.

Tuesday, September 8th, from 11h to 19h, at Place de la Bourse. Free entry

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