Jenson Button and His Wife Robbed in St-Tropez

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Jenson Button Robbed
Jenson Button Robbed
Jenson Button with his wife Jessica – T.Gromik – L’Equipe

Sleeping Gas used for the burglary

Jenson Button will keep a bitter taste of his vacation in St. Tropez during the summer break from Formula 1.  The McLaren driver and his wife Jessica were burgled whilst being in their room after being gased by an anesthetic gas released into the air conditioning system.  The criminals stole around 420,000 euros of property, including the engagement ring his wife.

“Two men broke into the property while everyone was asleep and stole several jewelry items, including, Jessica’s engagement ring,” said Jenson Button in statement.

“The police said it was a growing problem in the region with burglars hooking up sleeping gas to the air conditioning units prior to break in,” he added.

The couple was not injured but was in shock.

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