Chateaubriant : Armed Robbery in Orchestra

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Armed robbery in Chateaubriant
Armed robbery in Chateaubriant
The Orchestra store located in Chateaubriant where the armed robbery took place

An armed robbery took place in the Orchestra store, located in the commercial area of ​​ Vent d’Ouest  in Chateaubriant, noon, Saturday, August 22.

The head of Orchestra store was the victim of a robbery yesterday, shortly after noon, in the Vent d’Ouest Commercial area of Chateaubriant.

While the store was empty, with no customers present, the manager of the store was just preparing to close the store for the lunchtime break, and asked a man who was waiting if he could help him before closing.  It was at this point that the man, armed,  asked for the contents of the till, almost 300 euros and fled from the store.  It happened so quick and was all over in around two minutes.

The manager, called the Gendarmerie, but were unable to find the man, as they are unsure if the armed individual fled on foot or by car and are looking for people who might have been witnesses of the scene.

If you can help, you can contact Gendarmerie Chateaubriant: 02 40 81 00 17.

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