David Bowie Exhibition: 200,000 visitors in 3 Months

200,000 people have attended David Bowie Exhibition in POaris

200,000 people have attended David Bowie Exhibition in POaris

In all, more than a million fans went to see the exhibition dedicated to the English star …

Two hundred Thousand is the number of people in the last three months, that  visited the Philharmonie in Paris to enjoy the travelling exhibition dedicated to the English artist David Bowie, depending on the institution.

Since its launch in London in 2013, over a million people were able to enjoy it.  Before Paris, the exhibition has travelled across several continents, from Toronto, Sao Paulo, Berlin and Chicago before moving to Australia and the Netherlands.

550,000 visitors to the Philharmonie

The one millionth visitor is a Niort teacher who was presented with a specialized catalog of the star with a note saying: “David Bowie is … impressed with how you calculated your shot to successfully be the millionth. Good game! ”

True retrospective, the event brought together photos, videos, texts and costumes by the English artist, who has sold during his career, nearly 140 million albums.

The Philharmonie de Paris announced in late May that they have hosted 550,000 visitors in its first five months of activity.  After Bowie, the Philharmonic will celebrate in 2016 the legendary British rock group The Velvet Underground

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