Brexit: Theresa May Ready to Grant a New Referendum to Break the Deadlock

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Theresa May ready to grant a new referendum to break the Brexit deadlock

The Prime Minister says it is the “last chance” to meet the will of the British, who voted 52% for the exit of their country from the EU with Brexit.

The British Prime Minister announced on Tuesday a series of compromises, including the possibility of voting on a second referendum and the continuation of a temporary customs union with the European Union, in an attempt to rally his majority Brexit plan.

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Theresa May urged them to support her, saying it was the “last chance to find a way” to meet the will of the British, who voted 52% for the exit of their country from the Union. in June 2016.

Rejected twice

Elected officials twice rejected the Brexit agreement concluded in November by the leader with Brussels, forcing him to postpone twice the date of the British exit, now scheduled for 31st October at the latest. It also forced the government to hold a massive European elections on Thursday, almost three years after the Brexit referendum.

If MPs approve the bill, which will be presented to them in early June, it intends to vote on the holding of a second referendum on Brexit and the temporary retention of the United Kingdom in a customs union with the EU.

The Conservative leader said her bill will provide additional guarantees on workers’ rights and environmental protections, which was also demanded by the Labour opposition.

These announcements come four days after Labour broke up discussions with Theresa May to find a way to implement Brexit.

“Bold offer”

The Prime Minister, who had promised to make a “bold offer” on the Brexit said Tuesday also listened to the concerns of unionists of the small party in Northern Ireland DUP about the “backstop” an included solution in the Treaty of withdrawal from the EU and intended to avoid the return of a physical border between the British province of Northern Ireland and Ireland, after the Brexit in order to preserve the peace agreements of 1998 and the integrity the single European market.

This is a last resort that will only come into effect after the transition period if no other solution is found by mid-2020 between London and Brussels.

Alternative arrangements on the backstop

Theresa May said the government will be required to look for alternative backstop arrangements by December 2020.

Whether they adopt or reject this bill, Theresa May will have to prepare to step down.

Thursday, she was summoned during a meeting with the “1922 Committee”, responsible for the organisation of the Tories, to “agree” in June “a timetable for the election of a new leader of the Conservative Party According to committee chairman Graham Brady.

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