Unemployment: 15,400 more job seekers in March

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Unemployment has gone up in France again

Unemployment has gone up in France againAccording to figures released on Monday, April 27 by the Ministry of Labour, France has 15,400 unemployed, an increase of 0.4% compared to the previous month. For the first time in France the unemployment level has reached a milestone of 3.5 million.

Unemployment has risen again in France
Unemployment trends in France
This chart shows the change in the number of job seekers over 5 years. The red curve corresponds to category A: unemployed and required to look for. The orange curve corresponds to the entire number of registered employment center.

The first effects of the recovery are still not being felt on the unemployment curve.  Worse, the figures reached in March are a  historic high in France by crossing the threshold of the 3.5 million unemployed. After a lull in January and a rise in February, unemployment continued its headlong rush. According to figures published by the Ministry of Labour on Monday, April 27, the number of job seekers in Class A (without jobs) stands at  3,509,800 people  in France in late March 2015.  In one month, unemployment increased by 0.4% (15,400 job seekers more) . In one year, it has climbed 4.9%.


The number of job seekers to Class B and C (in reduced activity) stood at 1,780,700 in mainland France at the end of March.  Over a month, that number decreased by 0.4% for Class B (reduced activity, temporary) and increases of 1.4% for category C (long depressed activity).  In total, the number of job seekers in categories A, B and C stood at 5,290,500 at the end of March.  A number which has increased by 0.5% (28,000 people) over one month and 6.7% year for the year .

In a statement, the Department of Labour notes that the rate of increase in the number of registered job seekers each month (3,000 on average) is “almost four times lower than that observed in 2014 and the lowest since early 2011 “. The Rue de Grenelle also observed “a phase of improvement in the trend” for the beginning of 2015, “although it is not enough to get, for the moment, a steady decline in the number of job seekers.”

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