Transport of the Future for Nantes.

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Future of transport for Nantes
Future of transport for nantes
Proposed design for the Transporter Bridge

I was reading in the Presse Ocean Newspaper of some exciting projects being proposed for l’île de Nantes.

The transporter bridge and the Jules Verne harbour, are two projects that were presented by Yves Lainé, from the association Les Transbordés , architect Paul Poirier and engineer Michel Virlogeux.  The projects are for the current debate going on for the Loire and Nantes.

The transporter bridge project, also in contention in Marseille, has been studied and developed by Paul Poirier and Michel Virlogeux.  The bridge project will have a lower platform suspended from the above walkway, thus still allowing access by larger ships and vessels.  The walkway higher up, would offer some spectacular views across the area.

There is also a choice of designs for the development of the l’île de Nantes, with new proposed transport links and plans to turn the area into a multi mode hub.


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