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Appliances to last longer

Appliances to last longerA new French government decree came into effect this week, which will force manufacturers to inform customers how long they expect mobile phone, television, or any other appliance to last.

This is a plan that is aimed at fighting planned obsolence, when manufactures design a product with a limited lifespan, so that consumers have to replace the item sooner.

France has become the first country to pass this law, which it hopes that will end the practice of planned obsolence.

The law doesn’t state that products have to have a minimum lifespan of X amount of years, but forces manufactures to be more honest about the expected lifespan and also they have to buyers how long spare parts for the appliance will continue to be produced, so that customers can make an informed choice before buying it.

The vendor is then required to inform the buyer, in writing and failure to do so will result in fines up to 15,000 euros.

This is just the beginning as next year, they plan to pass a similar law which will require manufacturers to replace or repair faulty appliances free of charge for the first two years after they’ve been purchased, basically a mandatory warranty.

These kind of measures can only be a good thing for the consumers in my opinion as manufacturers will now be more likely to try and increase its quality control and make appliances last longer as they all try and out do each other.

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