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Theme announced for this years Foire de Bere

Theme announced for this years Foire de BereThis years theme for the 966th Foire de Béré in Chateaubriant has been decided and will be based around the First World War and be called “Sur les Routes de 1914 – 1918”.

The fair this year will also have a large exhibition based on the theme, and the First World War, with many documents and objects relating to the war.

The Committee for the Foire de Béré have appealed to the people of Castelbriantais region and its surroundings in order to collect any document or thing belonging to this period on the theme of roads and vehicules.  Also any personal family documents such as diaries, correspondence, photographs, leaflets, posters, objects … that link with vehicles of the time, are invited to come and drop them provisionally to the Committee of the Foire de Béré, where they will be kept safe until the fair.

The contributions received from the public will be developed as part of the Exporama “Sur les Routes de 1914 – 1918” from 11 to 14 September 2015. In return, copies of files, documents which have been digitized by the Committee of the Foire de Béré will be delivered free of charge (via file transfer) to lenders.They also later receive an invitation to the inauguration of the Foire de Béré 2015.

If you have any documents or know of someone who could assist with forming this collection, you need to contact the Committee by either phone on or by email at [email protected]

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