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Hacked websites


Hacked websitesFollowing the terrorist attacks last week in Paris, over 20,000 websites across France have been hacked by Islamist radicals according to the French Defence Ministry.

The cyber attacks started  just after Sunday’s mass rally in Paris, and throughout France, which was held in the memory of the Charlie Hebdo shooting victims and in “defiance” against terror.

Arnaud Coustilliere, cyber security head of the French military, noted that the jihadi hackers were part of a “structured” group that targeted the websites across the country.  “I believe these attacks are the response to the demonstration… by people who do not adhere to a certain number of values,” he said.

Of the 20,000 or so websites, which belonged to a wide range of French businesses and public services such as newspapers, pizza restaurants, schools, libraries, and local waste departments, their sites had been “defaced” and flooded with Islamic slogans by the hacking group.


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