Snow !

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Snow at Saint-Michel-de-la-RoeAfter the nice day yesterday, I was hopeful that the weather was going to improve this week, but this afternoon, we started to have some snow.

I wasn’t sure at first, as it had been raining earlier in the morning, then one of my children commented that it was snowing.  Initially I thought it was just heavy rain, but upon a closer look it was actually snowing, and it started to come down quite heavy as well.

Luckily, although it started to settle on the grass, it didn’t continue for too long and by this evening it had cleared up, although the temperatures are still low, so it might yet return.  It looks like winter has now finally arrived, after the unusual mild temperatures that we have recently been having.

Took a short video of it here, to give you an idea of what it was like.

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