Dreadful Weather this Week

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Finally got out to work today after the weather this week has been a week of orange warnings for one thing or another.  This week we have had rain virtually everyday, especially heavy in the mornings, normally accompanied by very strong winds, up to 150 Km an hour.

This has not really helped with trying to earn a living on the markets, it just isn’t practical, as even if we were to brave the awful conditions, then there wouldn’t even be the customers around.

This morning, the forecast was suppose to be dry with a possibility of a shower and with thought that we would give it a go, as the market in Martigné-Ferchaud, is such a nice market, with a lovely community feel, so what a surprise that just after setting up, around 8.30 am, the heavens opened.

It absolutely threw it down, with no let up, although thankfully it wasn’t windy, and then just before lunchtime, when we are due to pack up, it eases off and stops, Typical !

The weather is meant to improve tomorrow, Saturday, so lets hope it does and we can put the dreadful weather behind us.

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