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Problems at Buxcorp ?

This is what they write in the announcement:

I am not the only one having this issue.

But I have talked to two other site owners recently and one of them said they have a ton of reversals from people doing fraudelaunt transactions.

They told me they had more transactions reversed and showed me who it was, and I said that same person bought from me, and he bought alot, and if they reversed my funds I would be in the hole.

Sure enough they reversed everything and I’m in the hole.

2/18/2009 Payment Received From jeson green
[email protected] Reversed $12.00 USD
2/18/2009 Payment Received From jeson green
[email protected] Reversed $80.18 USD
2/18/2009 Payment Received From jeson green
[email protected] Reversed $63.48 USD

A negative account balance of $-43.77 USD exists in your U.S. Dollars account
You are required to transfer amounts from the following balance(s):

Would you like to continue with this transfer?

I’m unable to make any payouts due to this, and sometimes if their credit card purchases we the site owners get charged $37 fee if it’s reversed.

I’m going to place a donation button on buxcorp that way we’ll have funds to continue paying our members. I have a feeling this won’t stop unless we start banning countries such as russia and china and vietnam since they seem to be the ones doing these kind of transactions as of late.

If you request payout via instant pay while our account is in the hole, it will come back as a failed transaction. Please bare with us while we try to resolve the issue.

No matter is that true or not, I believe that Buxcorp is living on borrowed time at the moment and could just run away without notice soon, just similar to many scam sites before. So I would advise everyone not to invest any money with them at the moment.

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