News reform on France 3: Call for a three-day strike at France Télévisions

News Reform on France 3: Call for a Three-day Strike at France Télévisions

MEDIA: Called Tempo, this reform of the news on France 3 is supposed to come into force on September 4th. It raises many fears among employees Two months before the abolition of the national news on France 3, the unions of France Télévisions are calling for a three-day strike from Tuesday to protest against this disputed reform from the […]

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Facebook challenges Australia by blocking news content

Facebook Challenges Australia by Blocking News Content

SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook has blocked some news content in Australia to protest a bill to force the social network to pay media In retaliation against a bill that intends to force the social network to pay for media in Australia, Facebook has blocked access to many news contents in the country. A decision that angered the Australian government on Thursday. As of […]

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Masaya Nakamura, known as the father of "Pac Man" has died

“Pac-Man” Masaya Nakamura, Father of Famous Game, Died at age 91 years

The founder of Namco and father of “Pac Man” died on 22nd January … He was known as “the father of Pac-Man”, famous game of the 1980s . Masaya Nakamura, Japanese pioneer of video games, died on the 22nd January at the age of 91 years, announced on Monday by the Bandai-Namco group. In 1955 […]

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