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New Libary and Cybercentre for Derval

The New Cybercentre and Libary in Derval is just fnishing completion and will re-open on Tuesday 13 November at its new address : 15 rue de la Tour St Clair à Derval.

Hours for the Libary :

Tuesday: 16h-19h

Wednesday: 10h-12h / 14h30-16h30

Saturday: 10h-12h

Sunday: 10h-12h

Hours for the Cybercentre:

Tuesday: 11h-12h30 / 16h-19h

Wednesday: 10h-12h30 / 14h-17h

Thursday: 11h-12h30 / 16h-17h45

Friday: 14h-13h30

Saturday: 10h-12h45

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