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Ever thought of owning a property abroad but thought you couldn’t afford it? Well think again as more and more people discover the joys of owning a mobile home abroad.

Its true we all dream about living in a warmer climate, fresher air, open space or simply just anywhere as long as its not where we live now. To many people it is in fact just that – a dream.

With overseas property prices reaching new heights every year its becoming increasingly more difficult to climb on the property ladder abroad let alone here at home in the UK – whether you are looking for a dream holiday home or somewhere more permanent to live.

What about a mobile home then? Hang on – no its not a caravan! Many people think of a mobile home as a caravan, thats simply not true nowadays. With more and more people looking at this type of accommodatiom as a cheaper alternative to owning a property abroad – why not consider the benefits?

The Cost – normally a lot cheaper than buying a property with less overheads and repair costs
Location – choice of many different coastal and countryside locations to suit all requirements
Portable – you can move you home from site to site or even on a plot of your own
landSpace – normally on a site away from all the hustle and bustle – no high rises and clean air
Bespoke Design – many manufacturers will build your home to your requirements
Facilities – many sites have all year round facilities including shops, entertainment, pools etc
Rentability – you can still earn an income from renting your mobile home out when not in use Community – many sites have a close community who look after each others property.
The list goes on.

With prices for mobile homes starting from as little as £2,700 for a pre used mobile home about 5 years old you simply cannot go wrong. Take your mobile home and site it where you want or buy a plot of land and plonk it down there (subject to planning laws of course).

At the other end of the market you’ve got the likes of Omar who manufacture quality and luxury within their mobile homes and you could be forgiven for thinking you were living in a villa. There are no limits to what you can live in other than your own budget. Omar prices start from approximately £112,000 on our site in Alfarnatejo on the Costa del Sol.

We have over 9 sites in France and two particular sites in Spain that we promote on our dedicated website Mobile Homes see below for our link.

We are constantly looking to promote mobile home parks throughout the world in order to bring more choice to the overseas property buyer.One one last thing to consider is the fact that if you decide you don’t actually like living abroad and want to return to the UK – you can bring your home with you and site it here!

About the Author:
Les Calvert the director of over 350+ overseas property websites including and writes articles and information on many subjects covering the purchasing and ownership of overseas property abroad. Check out their links above.

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