The weather in Mayenne is expected to be wet and windy today

Weather in Mayenne. Variable Cloudiness and Wind this Saturday

Mild temperatures are still on the agenda but the the weather in Mayenne will be marked by instability on Saturday. With minimum temperatures between 6 ° C and 8 ° C and maximum between 9 ° C and 12 ° C, the mild temperatures remain with us this Saturday, January 2, 2016, but the weather in Mayenne […]

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The weather in Mayenne, promises a sunny and cloudy day

Weather in Mayenne: Sun and Clouds this Saturday, December 26th

Météo France announces a sunny day interspersed with cloudy for this Saturday, December 26th. Temperatures should not exceed ten degrees. The clouds will not be rain clouds and the day should see plenty of sunny episodes.  According to Meteo France, this should be the tone of the day this Saturday, December 26th in Mayenne.  Temperatures should not […]

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Weather in Mayenne today

Weather in Mayenne. Clouds and Rain this Tuesday, November 24th

The weather for Mayenne does not bode well for this Tuesday, 24th November.  Clouds for much of the day with rain. This Tuesday, the 24th November, the day will feel a miserable day in the Mayenne region for the morning as Meteo France predict clouds for most of the day, with rain also for the majority of […]

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A wet and windy day is forecast today

Weather in Mayenne. A Wet and Windy Friday

This Friday, the weather in Mayenne looks gray and restless, with temperatures falling. Rain, wind and falling temperatures. This is in summary what services Meteo France announce this Friday for the weather in Mayenne.  A radical change from what we have been having recently, as we approach the weekend. The wind will blow strong with gusts […]

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