Due to Terrorist Threat, France is to maintain Border Controls

Terrorist Threat: France will Maintain the Border Controls until 30th April

Initially planned until October 31st, border controls will be extended until April 30, 2018 in France. The reason: “persistence” of the terrorist threat. France will maintain until the 30th April, 2018 border controls reinstated on the evening of the attacks of the 13th November 2015, arguing that the continued  “persistence” of the terrorist threat , we have learned this Thursday […]

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A college in the centre of Cherbourg, was evacuated after the discovery of a suspicious package

A Cherbourg College Evacuated after a Suspicious Package

Charcot College, located in the city centre of Cherbourg, was evacuated Tuesday morning after a suspicious package was discovered. A security perimeter has also been set up around the college. It was a false alarm. Shortly before 7.30am this morning, a case like that we can find on motorcycles was discovered before the Charcot college, […]

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Francois Hollande announces a further 800 jobs in Defence and the cancellation of the 10,000 job losses

Defence: François Hollande will Create 800 jobs and Cancel 10,000 losses

Following the attacks of Paris, the president promised that there would be no reduction of staff in the defence until 2019 … and the risk of attacks has forced the government to review the deployment of staff for defense and homeland security . Operational units and cyber defense “During this advice, the President of the […]

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