The first pictures of the flying taxi of the "Vahana".

Unmanned Flying Taxi: Airbus Wants Prototype to Take Off by the End of the Year

TRANSPORT: The Flying Taxi will carry a single passenger or packages … “There has been a century of urban transport that went under the ground. Now we have the technological means to raise them in the air.”  The image is beautiful and the words chosen to dream, but “Vahana” the flying taxi project from Airbus, is […]

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Taxi Protest throughout the country

Protest taxis: Who will pay vehicle damage?

The angry taxi demonstrators attacked vehicles on Thursday … Burned tyres, broken windscreens, cars overturned.  Nearly 3,000 taxis angrily protesting  during today, Thursday throughout France.  Drivers deem unfair competition from VTC and especially those of non-professionals who use UberPOP application. Incidents and erupted in several cities, including Paris and the Paris region. Cars made ​​for […]

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