Increase in the minimum wage, reduction in income tax ... We take stock of the main measures that change on January 1, 2020. (© Illustration Pixabay)

Taxes, Glasses, Radar Cars, Tobacco … What Changes on January 1st, 2020

In 2020, new measures may change your purchasing power. Rising tobacco, lower taxes, radar cars … What you need to know to start the year off right. A new year begins soon. And with, its novelties. Lower income tax and exemption from housing tax for 80% of households, cotton swabs banned for sale, deployment of radar cars in new regions … What changes on […]

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The taxe d'habitation of 80% of tax households has fallen by 30%

Why Your Taxe d’Habitation May Have Gone Up (When it Should Go Down)

For eight French people out of 10, the Taxe d’Habitation has fallen, as expected, by 30%. For others, the tax has decreased slightly and sometimes even increased. Explanations. For 22 million homes, the taxe d’habitation fell by 30% this autumn . Some French people, who thought they could benefit from this boost at the beginning of the year , had the bad […]

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Emmanuel Macron, April 12, 2018 during a TV interview broadcast on TF1.

Emmanuel Macron on TF1’s 1pm News: The 8 Announcements to Remember

Emmanuel Macron gave an interview to Jean-Pierre Pernaut during the 13H TF1 conducted from a primary school in Berd’huis (Orne). The main announcements. For an hour, Emmanuel Macron answered questions from TF1 journalist Jean-Pierre Pernaut live from a school in the village of Berd’huis in the Orne . The Head of State was particularly questioned on employment, rurality, 80Km/h, retirees or the reform […]

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End of Taxe d'Habitation for all by 2020

Emmanuel Macron Confirms the End of Taxe d’Habitation for all in 2020

On Saturday, Emmanuel Macron has signed live the last three laws passed in Parliament. The President confirmed that he wanted to remove the taxe d’Habitation for all in 2020. Emmanuel Macron has signed Saturday live under the eye of cameras, the last three laws passed in Parliament with the 2018 budget, confirming its aim to abolish the taxe […]

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Online simulator to calculate Taxe d'habitation for 2018

Taxe d’habitation 2018: The Government Launches a Simulator for your Calculation

Taxpayers can see the effects of the reform of 2018 Taxe d’habitation on a simulator online. The reform of the desired Taxe d’habitation by Emmanuel Macron, is on track. To see the effect of this reform and see if you will owe more and how high it will be in 2018, you can already perform […]

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The reform of the Taxe d'Habitation is one of the flagship measures of Emmanuel Macron

Taxe d’Habitation: The Assembly Vote the Suppression for 80% of Households by 2020

It was one of the promises of Emmanuel Macron. In 2020, 80% of French households will no longer pay Taxe d’habitation. This was voted by the deputies Saturday 21st October The National Assembly voted on Saturday by 65 votes against 14, of one of the key measures of the 2018 budget, removing in three years, Taxe d’Habitation to […]

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