Emmanuel Macron on TF1’s 1pm News: The 8 Announcements to Remember

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Emmanuel Macron, April 12, 2018 during a TV interview broadcast on TF1.

Emmanuel Macron gave an interview to Jean-Pierre Pernaut during the 13H TF1 conducted from a primary school in Berd’huis (Orne). The main announcements.

For an hour, Emmanuel Macron answered questions from TF1 journalist Jean-Pierre Pernaut live from a school in the village of Berd’huis in the Orne .

The Head of State was particularly questioned on employment, rurality, 80Km/h, retirees or the reform of the SNCF. The eight points to remember.

No privatization of the SNCF

Asked about the reform of the SNCF, the head of state promised “to go to the end”, despite the protest of railway workers .

The president has “absolutely guaranteed” that the SNCF will remain a public company . “It will be in the law: 100% state capital,” he assured. And at the address of the striker railway workers, the president ”  calls rather to calm”.

“I heard them.”

“I ask everyone to make a little effort, but this is really the condition for continuing to have a great public rail service. 

The taxe d’habitation removed for all French

The president has also announced the abolition, by the end of his five-year term, of the taxe d’habitation for all French people . 

It is “the most unjust tax ever”. “The goal” is that “the totality” of the French be exonerated in four years.

“I said 80%, I wish it could be all, because if a tax is not good for 80% of the French, it is not good for all.”

80 km/h on secondary roads: a report after two years

Asked about reducing the speed to 80 km / h on secondary roads, the head of state has undertaken its reform and praised the action of Jacques Chirac, who was the “hardest” and the most “courageous “On Road Safety.

But “if it does not work, we will not continue” after two years of experimentation , he promised.

“I never took a retiree for a portfolio”: he assumes the increase of the CSG

About the rise of the CSG which concerns about 8 million Frenchmen, Emmanuel Macron has assumed its very unpopular measure among retirees.

“I say ‘thank you’ and I tell them one thing:”  I never took a pensioner for a wallet , assured the head of state (…) I have a lot of consideration for our elders. ”

“If we do not make this reform, in five years, in ten years, we will no longer be able to finance this pension system and we will not get the country back on track,” he said.

Incentive-free incentives in companies with fewer than 250 employees

From 1 January 2019, incentive bonuses will be exempt from social security contributions in companies with fewer than 250 employees , notably announced Emmanuel Macron.

He said that this elimination of the “social package” could affect more than 10 million employees and that it would “see from the first day on the pay slip.”

On the decrease of the expenses in the companies, he did not exclude to go “further” in “according to the economic context”.

Hospitals: “we will not invest anymore”

The President of the Republic has promised more resources for hospitals .

“I’ll make announcements in the summer. We will put more resources, “he said. “We need to reorganize the health care system. We will no longer invest, reorganize the hospital and do more for the staff. ”

“We need to have an emergency care access system where people are allowed to do their job well, not paid for it. We will instead pay for the care path, “he added.

Blocking universities: there will be many exams

About the blockage of the facs in France, Emmanuel Macron assured that “there would be no chocolate exams”.

“The professionals of the disorder must understand that one is in a state of order.”

They are not students but professional agitators (…) They must understand that we are in a state of law. To the students, he calls them to review their exams. Because “there will be no chocolate examination in the Republic,” he warned.

Syria: yes, there has been use of chemical weapons

On the situation in Syria,  “we have evidence” that the regime of Bashar Al-Assad used chemical weapons , said Emmanuel Macron.

He promised that he would make decisions “in a timely manner” at the “most useful and effective” time.

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