The accident occurred in the company Tipiak located in the area of ​​Nantes-Atlantique airport, in Saint-Aignan-de-GrandLieu in the Loire-Atlantique

Loire-Atlantique: Fatal Accident at Tipiak

A 39 year-old worker was killed Tuesday morning September 5 when handling a bag weighing one ton within the food company Tipiak in Saint-Aignan-de-GrandLieu, southwest of Nantes.A police investigation was launched to clarify the circumstances of this accident. Around 8 am Tuesday morning, an employee of the company Tipiak in Saint-Aignan-de-GrandLieu, was a victim of […]

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What is the water quality like in the Loire Atlantique

Loire Atlantique: Is the Tap Water of Good Quality?

ENVIRONMENT: Many checks are conducted to test the drinking water supplied by municipalities … If three quarters of the inhabitants of the Pays de la Loire reported drinking tap water distributed in their town, just over a third ensures consume as exclusive drink. Many have in fact more confidence in the mineral water. Are they […]

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