European elections, here are the final results

European Elections: Here are the Final Results

In the aftermath of the European elections, the Ministry of the Interior unveiled the final results and the number of seats obtained by each list. Victory of theRassemblement national (RN), surprise of the Greens , disappointment of LREM, shipwreck of the Republicans and France insoumise. This Sunday, May 26, 2019, more than 47 million French were called to the polls in the context of […]

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Emmanuel Macron

Presidential Election Results 2017 – Rennes

Emmanuel Macron has topped the first round of the presidential election in Rennes. The candidate (En Marche) was ahead of Jean-Luc Mélenchon (La France insoumise) with 31.86% against 25.86% .These two candidates came top of the first round of the presidential election will face off in the polls held this Sunday, May 7 François Fillon […]

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All the football results for the western clubs in the CFA and CFA2

Football Results: CFA – CFA 2 – All the Clubs in the West

All the football results of western clubs in the CFA and CFA 2 Note the dramatic draw between Cholet and Saint-Malo and the defeat of the reserve Nantes team in Plabennec. CFA Groupe A Paris SG (B) – Fontenay : 1-1 Rennes (B) – Vitré : 1-1 Châteaubriant – Lorient (B) : 1-0 Cholet – […]

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