The O'Briens Irish Pub, an Irish pub and restaurant, opened in early December 2018 at 8 rue des Trois-Journées in Toulouse

Toulouse: A New Irish Pub Opens … and Two More are Planned!

The first O’Briens Irish Pub, a new pub and Irish restaurant, opened in early December 2018. And its managers are already considering two more in downtown Toulouse! Get ready to see the Pink City adorn itself with green! The first  O’Briens Irish Pub  opened early December 2018, rue des Trois-Journées, in downtown Toulouse, opposite the Mama Shelter. On three levels, […]

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The O'Briens Irish Pub opened in early December in downtown Toulouse

Toulouse: On Three Levels, a New Irish Pub has Opened in the City Centre

It opened on three levels at the beginning of December 2018. The O’Briens Irish Pub joins the large colony of typical Irish establishments in downtown Toulouse. The O’Briens Irish Pub opened in early December 2018 in downtown Toulouse . Located right in front of the Mama Shelter, the establishment, located on three levels, does not go unnoticed. In recent […]

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