Cold Weather: Many Accidents in the North and West

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Cold Weather: Many Accidents in the North and West 1

Beware the risk of accident! Twenty-five departments are placed on Saturday night on a state of vigilance for snow and ice, on the second day of a cold snap that had already caused dozens of road trips.

The orange alert concerned yet, according to Météo France, a vast area from the Hauts-de-France in the East now through Rhône-Alpes.

However, after Normandy, 10 departments, including Paris and the inner suburbs, Oise and the Pas-de-Calais, were out of the Saturday night alert procedure, disturbance moving slowly eastwards the center.

The end of the episode is expected Sunday mid morning .

Freezing precipitation

Coming from Scandinavia and affecting particularly central Europe, “a very cold air mass has settled over France”, explained Meteo-France.

Low precipitation, but freezing because of the frozen ground and cover a good portion of the country. “The ice, even in small amounts, can disrupt many activities” , said the national weather forecasts.

One Episode “Dangerous”

Saturday morning, the meteorological center of Strasbourg fell at 6pm to temperatures between -7 and -15 ° C in the lowlands.

In the Paris region, the night temperatures were “strongly negative” , from -3 to -11 degrees.

“This dangerous episode was gradually win the majority of the Centre region, Champagne-Ardennes and Lorraine and Burgundy, finally west of Franche-Comté, northern Auvergne and Rhône-Alpes” , according the latest bulletin forecast of Météo-France.

Dozens of accidents in the north and west

Eure, two people were seriously injured and eight were lightly in an accident involving six vehicles on the A13 near Rouen. “There was formation of black ice” , explained Emmanuel Le Roy, sub-prefect of Bernay.

On the A28 and the A29, traffic had to be suspended after two truck accidents. The site lived twenty incidents in Seine-Maritime for the only Saturday morning.

In sum, firefighters already were enumerating Saturday at midday with 19 accidents related to ice, which resulted in 18 minor injuries and two seriously.

In Aisne, one person died and two were seriously injured in a road accident involving two vehicles. According to firefighters, the accident is “related to ice and an unsuitable speed to weather circumstances” .

The North has seen at least twenty accidents, mostly “road accidents because of slippery road conditions”, although no serious injuries because “drivers have slowed their speed”, said the firefighters.

In Oise, weather resulted in seven incidents, the majority on the A16 (balance: 14 minor injuries). In Aisne, six road accidents, including a car landing on its roof, although no serious injuries were reported.

This Sunday, the mild weather is expected to begin in the West
This Sunday, the mild weather is expected to begin in the West. | Visactu

DAL action in Paris

Saturday afternoon, dozens of homeless and activists of the association Right to Housing (DAL) also came to remember the fate of SDF, investing a disused wing of the Hotel-Dieu, Paris, to cries of “a roof is a right! “

The protesters demanded the availability of vacant space available in Paris, while in recent days associations are alarmed one of the worst winters in terms of emergency accommodation.

Deferred football matches

Finally, the weather also disrupted the course of the Coupe de France: four final matches of the 32nd were postponed because of impassable or dangerous terrain rendered by the cold.

After the cancellation of the meeting 91 FC Fleury (CFA) -Brest L2) Friday, the French Federation of football, wardship proceedings of the competition, FC announced the postponement of matches Luneville (CFA2) -Chambly FC (National) Prix-lès-Mézières (CFA2) -Agreement Feignies Aulnoye FC (CFA2) and St. Genevieve (CFA 2) -Caen (L1) provided Saturday.

Advice from Meteo France in snow and ice

* Be very careful and vigilant if you absolutely must move.

* Ask about traffic conditions.

* Observe the traffic restrictions and diversions put in place.

* Allow a minimum equipment in case you are forced to wait several hours on the road in your vehicle.

* Install imperative generators outside buildings.

* Do not use to heat your home:

– Non devices intended for this use: stove, brazier, etc.

– The combustion auxiliary heaters continuously. These devices must operate only intermittently.

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