A nurse performs a rapid detection test in Lerum, Sweden, December 18, 2020.

Coronavirus: First Case Detected of Mutated Coronavirus in Sweden

EPIDEMIC: The mutated coronavirus variant was detected “on a person who has travelled from the UK,” the Swedish Public Health Agency said in a statement. The first case of contamination with the new mutation variant of the coronavirus circulating in the United Kingdom has been detected in Sweden, health authorities announced on Saturday. The variant was detected […]

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For the first time, the British variant of the coronavirus has been detected

Coronavirus: The British Mutated Coronavirus Variant Detected for the First Time in France

EPIDEMIC: This mutation of the coronavirus would be much more contagious but would not be more deadly than the traditional version The first case of contamination by the coronavirus Covid-19 mutated variant that appeared in the United Kingdom was detected in France on Friday, two days before the launch, in France, of the vaccination campaign against the virus. The presence of this variant was confirmed […]

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Mutated Coronavirus in the United Kingdom is 50-74 percent more contagious

Coronavirus: The Mutated Coronavirus Detected in the United Kingdom is “50% to 74%” More Contagious

VIRUS: Study confirms the fears of the United Kingdom government over contagiousness of this mutant coronavirus The fears of the British government around the increased contagiousness of the new mutated variant of coronavirus detected on its soil a few days before the Christmas holidays were unfortunately well-founded. According to a study just put online, this new variant is well […]

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