Has plans of a third confinement been leaked ?

Coronavirus: Towards a “third confinement”? This “Information Note” Did Not Leak from the Ministry of the Interior

TRUE OR FALSE: A document presented as an “information note” from the general direction of civil society mentions a “third confinement” in March 2021, followed by a mass vaccination campaign. He warns of the risk of a “climate of protest” in France. Several viral publications on social networks circulate a document presenting itself as an “information note” […]

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Five websites blocked by the french Government

Terrorism: France blocked five pro-jihad websites

For the first time, the Ministry of the Interior has blocked websites in France for “incitement to terrorism”, using the terrorism act, that will block a site without having recourse to a judge. It is not possible to connect to Islamic-news.info. The site, now completely off-line, was replaced this weekend with a message from the […]

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