Futurapolis Festival arrives in Toulouse

Toulouse: Virtual Rugby, Cybersex and Travel to Mars … The Futurapolis Festival Arrives !

Festival of innovation, Futurapolis held in Toulouse Friday, 24th and Saturday, 25th November 2017. Innovations that the public can test in a large ephemeral lab of 700 m2. Schedule a genetically modified super baby, think about the city of tomorrow and discover the solar briefcase, traveling by air taxi, imagine a vertical farming or discuss […]

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The levitating capsule project in low pressure tubes carried by the company Hyperloop Transportation Technologies

Hyperloop: Research on the Transport of the Future will also be in Toulouse

INNOVATION: One of two companies working in the transport of the future Hyperloop decided to locate its European R & D center in Toulouse … Travel comfortably installed on powered capsules to over 1200 km/h in air tubes. This futuristic transportation, Jules Verne and his son Michael had already portrayed in The Day of an American […]

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The hyperloop train will travel at supersonic speeds

Hyperloop, Supersonic Train arrives in Europe

Launched at 1 200 km / h, Hyperloop the supersonic process devised by an American billionaire, should pass through central Europe in four short years. The Hyperloop would connect Bratislava in Slovakia to Vienna in just eight minutes, and Budapest in Hungary in just ten minutes. As if the Lille-Marseille route was performing soon in […]

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