Finistère: The Hunter Misses his Target, the Bullet Ends up in a Kitchen

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In Finistère, the hunter misses his target, the bullet ends up in a kitchen

The bullet crossed the window before ending in the wall of the house

The big fright. On Sunday, a family living in Plouigneau, very close to Morlaix ( Finistère ), saw a hunter’s shot finish in the wall of their kitchen. According to information in the Telegram, the man behind the rifle was aiming at a boar but had missed his target.

The bullet would have continued to run into the house.

Before hitting the kitchen wall, the ball first crossed the bay window, then ricocheted against a wall, specifies the Breton daily. Alerted, the gendarmerie was able to find the author of the shooting, who was participating in a hunting party with about fifteen people.

This 60-year-old man admitted to having missed his target. The blood alcohol test was negative. The man should, however, be heard on Monday by the gendarmes.

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