In the Presidential elections, President Hollande fears for the second round

Presidential: Hollande Fears a Second Round between Mélenchon and Le Pen

Ten days before the presidential election, Francois Hollande leaves the reserve he had imposed and warns against a possible runoff between Le Pen and Jean-Luc Mélenchon. He planned to be discreet until between the two rounds of the presidential campaign. But the head of state is out of the reserves earlier than expected. In an […]

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Russia vetoes the resolution by France on the war in Syria

Syria: “Niet” … Russia will veto the resolution of France to the UN

WAR:  Moscow supported another text which calls for a cessation of hostilities in Syria, without mentioning the bombing … Niet. Russia has vetoed this Saturday night the resolution of France on Syria at the UN, preventing its adoption. Two rival texts The United Nations Security Council was to consider two rival texts calling for a […]

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