Hotter weather than usual is forecast for France in July, August and September

Weather: The Forecast for the Holidays in July, August and September?

FORECAST: Weather forecasts ensure that temperatures for July and August will be higher than usual … The summer season began with a heat wave in France, and the trend is unlikely to reverse, according to Météo France . Temperatures in June were up 2.5% on the seasonal norms. After the heat wave in June 2003, 2017 was marked […]

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Camping holidays in France

Camping in France, either in tents, caravans or mobile homes is a hugely popular activity both with French people and foreigners from neighbouring European countries. There are around 11,000 campsites scattered across France, ranging from minimal facility farm campsites through to luxury holiday parks. Most campsites in France are graded by stars, one to four […]

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