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Camping in France, either in tents, caravans or mobile homes is a hugely popular activity both with French people and foreigners from neighbouring European countries. There are around 11,000 campsites scattered across France, ranging from minimal facility farm campsites through to luxury holiday parks. Most campsites in France are graded by stars, one to four in much the same way as hotels.

One-star campsites are fairly basic and becoming increasingly rare. Two-star sites (the most numerous) generally provide a reasonable level of comfort. Three and four stars usually mean a degree of luxury, often extending to first-class restaurants and beautifully landscaped swimming pools.

The main sectors of the French coast are:
1) Brittany (may also include Normandy covering North-West France)
2) The Vendée
3) The Loire Valley
4) The Dordogne
5) Languedoc-Roussillon
6) The Alps (may also include the Pyrenees)

The main tourist areas cater well for campers and you can usually find a good choice of campsites or mobile homes in France. Inland sites generally have more space available, and if you do find it difficult to find a pitch along the coast just turn inland and you’re sure to find one. It probably won’t be that far from a beach either.

The majority of French campsites close down during the winter months and some are only open for a few months during the summer. The summer season is especially busy for family holidays in France, with many of them becoming full to capacity.

Even though France has some magnificent mountain scenery in the Alps and Pyrenees, plus some beautiful rivers like the Loire and Dordogne, most campers head for the coast and there’s a lot of it in France, particularly in the west. Within easy reach of it all there are many superb campsites at which to stay.

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