Severe Thunderstorms: Orange Alert Extended to Nine Central and Eastern Departments

Severe Thunderstorms: Orange Alert Extended to Nine Central and Eastern Departments

Tuesday 6th August 2019, thunderstorms, accompanied by violent gusts, intense rains and hail, are expected on the Central-East of the country, placed on Orange Alert. Watch out for storms. On Tuesday, August 6, 2019, in the morning, Meteo France extended the orange alert to nine departments in the centre and east of the country. The orange alert is maintained in […]

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Tour de France: the 19th stage stopped after a shower of hail

Tour de France: The 19th Stage Stopped after a Shower of Hail

A new twist on the Tour de France this Friday 26th July 2019 after the abandonment of Thibaut Pinot. The organisation of the race had to stop the event because of the weather The 19th stage of the Tour de France was stopped permanently because of the state of the road, impassable due to a shower of hail, […]

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73,700 lightning bolts were recorded in the east of the country for the day of Saturday, July 6, 2019.

Thunderstorms: More than 73,000 Lightning in One Day, a Record since the Beginning of the Year

Saturday 6th July 2019, violent storms hit the east of the country. In the space of one day, 73,700 lightning bolts were recorded, a record since the beginning of the year. The lightning was announced, and she struck. Saturday 6th July 2019, Meteo France had placed 23 departments in orange alert for violent storms. The areas concerned were mainly in […]

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Weather in Seine-et-Marne: Thunderstorms and Hail Announced on Tuesday Afternoon 1

Weather in Seine-et-Marne: Thunderstorms and Hail Announced on Tuesday Afternoon

The weather should be unstable on Tuesday afternoon in Seine-et-Marne. This Tuesday, the weather is rather pleasant this morning in Seine-et-Marne with sun and temperatures between 25 and 27 ° C. But, the situation should deteriorate sharply in the afternoon. “According to La Chaîne météo, “from 15h, thunderstorms multiply and intensify between the Île-de-France, the Hauts-de-France and the Ardennes. Until 22h, […]

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public parks and gardens are closed due to a weather alert, in Toulouse

Toulouse: Wind, Risk of Hail: Parks and Gardens Closed due to a Weather Alert

Thursday 25th April, 2019, the parks and public gardens of the city are closed due to a weather alert. Gusts of wind and hail are expected in Toulouse. Thursday 25th April, 2019, “due to a weather alert for winds over 80km/h, the parks and gardens of the city are gradually closed from midday,” said the mayor of Toulouse in […]

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Storms will arrive in Normandy in the afternoon

Weather in Normandy: Clearer During Day, Storms Return in the Afternoon

WEATHER FORECAST: A pleasant morning is forecast for Normandy, but storms will start to move in through the afternoon and evening This Sunday 10th June, 2018, 161 th day of the year, Meteo France announces a rather pleasant morning with clearings, then things will spoil with a risk of thunderstorms and hail that will accompany us until the evening. Still no change on the thermometer side with […]

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Four departments in the West of France on Orange Alert for Thunderstorms and Hail

Thunderstorms and Hail: Four Departments of the West in Orange Alert

Four departments of the West are placed Monday in orange vigil for violent storms with a risk of hail. Thunderstorms that could reach the north of the country during the day. Four departments of the West are placed Monday in orange alert for violent storms with a risk of hail , according to Meteo France, which provides for a […]

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Hail and snow in Calvados is causing some slippery roads

Calvados: Hail and Snow Causing Slippery Roads this Thursday Morning

Motorists, be cautious on Thursday morning on the roads of Calvados. Slippery in places, mainly in the la Plaine de Caen, Suisse Normandy and Auge. The roads are slippery in places Thursday morning, 28th December 2017. The Calvados has been classified as a small yellow alert for ice by Meteo France. On the night of Wednesday to […]

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Meteo France has issued a Orange alert weather warning for storms in 13 departments

Weather: 13 Departments on Orange Alert for Storms

Meteo France has placed 13 departments located on an axis from the central Pyrenees to Auvergne on orange alert because of a risk of thunderstorms accompanied by heavy hail tonight and tomorrow night. Some storms currently of a low intensity burst of Aquitaine, in a chaotic sky, with some rain showers. The first showers quickly cover […]

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An orange alert has been issued from Meteo France for the Loire-Atlantique

Loire-Atlantique Weather: Thunderstorms and Hail this Afternoon throughout the Department

An Orange Alert for the department according to Meteo France, with the arrival of a disturbance which runs through the northwest quarter of the country this morning. The weather is spoiling this afternoon with thunderstorms and hail. The people of nantes have seen already this morning, rains are brief but supported, along with a southwest wind […]

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