Storms will arrive in Normandy in the afternoon

Weather in Normandy: Clearer During Day, Storms Return in the Afternoon

WEATHER FORECAST: A pleasant morning is forecast for Normandy, but storms will start to move in through the afternoon and evening This Sunday 10th June, 2018, 161 th day of the year, Meteo France announces a rather pleasant morning with clearings, then things will spoil with a risk of thunderstorms and hail that will accompany us until the evening. Still no change on the thermometer side with […]

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Four departments in the West of France on Orange Alert for Thunderstorms and Hail

Thunderstorms and Hail: Four Departments of the West in Orange Alert

Four departments of the West are placed Monday in orange vigil for violent storms with a risk of hail. Thunderstorms that could reach the north of the country during the day. Four departments of the West are placed Monday in orange alert for violent storms with a risk of hail , according to Meteo France, which provides for a […]

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Hail and snow in Calvados is causing some slippery roads

Calvados: Hail and Snow Causing Slippery Roads this Thursday Morning

Motorists, be cautious on Thursday morning on the roads of Calvados. Slippery in places, mainly in the la Plaine de Caen, Suisse Normandy and Auge. The roads are slippery in places Thursday morning, 28th December 2017. The Calvados has been classified as a small yellow alert for ice by Meteo France. On the night of Wednesday to […]

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Meteo France has issued a Orange alert weather warning for storms in 13 departments

Weather: 13 Departments on Orange Alert for Storms

Meteo France has placed 13 departments located on an axis from the central Pyrenees to Auvergne on orange alert because of a risk of thunderstorms accompanied by heavy hail tonight and tomorrow night. Some storms currently of a low intensity burst of Aquitaine, in a chaotic sky, with some rain showers. The first showers quickly cover […]

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An orange alert has been issued from Meteo France for the Loire-Atlantique

Loire-Atlantique Weather: Thunderstorms and Hail this Afternoon throughout the Department

An Orange Alert for the department according to Meteo France, with the arrival of a disturbance which runs through the northwest quarter of the country this morning. The weather is spoiling this afternoon with thunderstorms and hail. The people of nantes have seen already this morning, rains are brief but supported, along with a southwest wind […]

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Le Gard and the Bouches-du-Rhône on orange alert for severe weather

Weather: Le Gard and the Bouches-du-Rhône on Orange Alert

Meteo France calls for vigilance in both departments this Saturday due to risks of thunderstorms and heavy rainfall … Beware of storms and heavy rains if you live in the Gard or the Bouches-du-Rhône.  On Friday night, Meteo France placed these two departments in an orange alert, with the forecast for thunderstorms and heavy rain.  Prolonged orange […]

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In general, the weather in the southern department will be better off than the north Mayenne.

Risk of Hail, Wednesday Morning in Mayenne

Hail showers are expected in north Mayenne, on Wednesday morning. The weather will improve over the day, particularly in the south. According to Meteo France, the forecast for Wednesday in Mayenne may start by hailstorms in the northern part of the department. To the south, rain showers are forecast along with a cloudy sky. The […]

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